Pskem Garlic

Actually a MARBLED Purple Stripe garlic. It has easily defined bulbs--great if you want to just break off one or two cloves at a time. This garlic is relatively new to my garden, and I am slowly trying to build it up into bulbs of a good size.

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PSGala PSKEM GARLIC - a la carte

PSKEM GARLIC - a la carte

Like my other new addition Morado, Pskem was supplied to me in the form of five very, very small bulbs that had cloves about the size of your pinky...

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PsGcb PSKEM GARLIC - culinary

PSKEM GARLIC - culinary

Culinary Garlic is the SAME garlic that's in my store, only it's the smaller bulbs that are better for eating than for planting. If you're planning...

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PsGsb PSKEM GARLIC - seed bulbs

PSKEM GARLIC - seed bulbs

Most websites say this variety was collected in 1989 from the Pskem River Valley in Uzbekistan Bulbs aren't big, but they only have a few cloves, and...

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