Italian Purple

This is a hard neck variety of garlic that seems to love cold winters. I received my starts from a friend in Pennsylvania, and I've been growing it out for two years so I'd have enough to offer my customers in 2015. And while we had a VERY wet season here in Kentucky this summer, I believe I will have a few pounds of bulbs that I can offer up for sale.

PLEASE send me an email after you've placed your order for other garlic if you'd like to be notified when I have my inventory for Italian Purple listed so you can add some to your order. If Italian Purple is the only garlic you'd like, just let me know so I can put you on the waiting list.

Italian Purple has a rich, musky but mellow flavor. Strong, but not overly hot. From only smaller sized bulbs, I was able to grow some quite large bulbs in less than two seasons. It's long standing in the garden, tall and erect. Very easy to harvest. If your soil is loose and loamy, you can almost pull it out without any digging. In northern parts of the US, I believe it's not harvested until late July or even August. Red or purple streaked bulbs. I will post pix when my harvest has cured.

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