Xian Garlic

This variety may not be big bulbed, but it IS large cloved. Bulbs are attractively striped, and it matures quite early. Averages 4-6 cloves/bulb. Bulbs are very firm and skins are tight. I suspect our mild winter this year is what finally led to me getting the bulbs to size up! I was SO pleased when I saw them coming out of the ground! It's a very good KEEPER and the FIRST garlic ready for me each season. This year I dug them at the end of May! This variety is my best recommendation for those in the deep south.

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XGcb XIAN GARLIC - culinary bulbs

XIAN GARLIC - culinary bulbs

No small bulbs this year, so I don't have any culinary in this variety. This variety may not be big bulbed, but it is large cloved. Bulbs are...

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XGsb XIAN GARLIC - seed bulbs

XIAN GARLIC - seed bulbs

Xian did SO well for me this year that I don't have ANY culinary (under 1.75") bulbs!!! And to boot, it's a large cloved variety. Bulbs are...

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