Morado Garlic

My starts for Morado were given to me about FIVE years ago, and I was given only the smallest bulbs you can imagine. So it's taken me a few years to get this garlic into bulbs that are in the small to medium size range. Thankfully in 2017 more bulbs were closer to 2" than in previous years, although I still haven't been able to get this variety to size up for me. I'm hopeful that in 2018 I might just get into the 2" range with this variety.

As its name (I think it means bruised in Spanish) it's purple on the outside. Inside cloves are dark skinned. Most of mine acted like a hard neck variety this year (ie: formed a scape). That sometimes means they were stressed.

It's a rare garlic, so one you might want to consider in your garden.

Looking online, I believe the person who gifted me with the starts called it by its full name: Morado de Las PedroƱeras (aka Spanish Morado)

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MoGala MORADO GARLIC - a la carte

MORADO GARLIC - a la carte

This garlic is considered a Silverskin of the Creole subgroup of soft necks. However, like most soft neck garlic, if stressed, it will bolt (form a...

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Mcb MORADO GARLIC - culinary

MORADO GARLIC - culinary

Culinary Garlic is the SAME garlic that's in my store, only it's the smaller bulbs that are better for eating than for planting. If you're planning...

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Msb MORADO GARLIC - seed bulbs

MORADO GARLIC - seed bulbs

Silverskin garlics are the last garlics to mature each season, and they store the longest. Wrappers are tight. Morado is a Silverskin in the Creole...

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