Shallots are like onions, but only milder. They're more highly coveted by chefs and cooks because of their diversity. Most shallots can be planted at the same time of the year as garlic, as long as there is enough time for them to winter vernalize. Spacing is double that for garlic. So if you plant your garlic 6" apart, do 12" for shallots. In a row where I normally plant garlic four across, I only do two across for shallots. French Grey shallots, the ones I sell, are noted for big returns. Normal yield is 15:1. The means if you plant just ONE shallot, you will probably get a cluster of shallots with 15+ in them! Harvest when the tops are about half dried. Dig and lift with a garden spade or potato fork. If your ground is too heavy and you try to pull them out, then may break off their stems. Hang to dry/cure same as you would garlic. Enjoy French Grey shallots as soon as you can. They're are not known a good, long term storers. Mine started to dry up around November from a mid-summer harvest.

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Shallots - FRENCH GREY

FRENCH GREY shallots. Plant as you would garlic but give them double the spacing. I do a minimum of 12" spacing. In a row where I would normally do...

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GS Shallots - Generic/Regular

Shallots - Generic/Regular

GENERIC/ORDINARY Shallots I am calling this variety just 'generic shallots'. More than likely it's probably Dutch Yellow or something similar. I...

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