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While I would love it if ALL my garlic grew that big, in truth the majority of my bulbs are in the 2.5" range or less. Bulbs that are over 2.5" or 3.0" across are sold just the same as any other bulbs. I don't charge more for bigger bulbs, nor do I adjust price for "jumbo" bulbs.

Unless it says otherwise in the listing for each type of garlic, my bulbs will be 1.5" across or bigger. I ship out garlic orders in the order they were received, so the earlier orders get the biggest bulbs and size slowly diminishes from there. You will never receive a bulb smaller than 1.5" across without prior knowledge AND a discount.

Order returns are not accepted due to bulb size. If size is super important to you, then please ask before placing your order, and I can let you know what size bulbs you can expect.

That being said, ALL garlic cloves will grow no matter what size they are. If your soil is nutrient deficient, even the biggest cloves won't produce big bulbs for you. On the other hand, if your soil is rich and your weather conditions are excellent, then small cloves can still produce big bulbs for you. There are just too many variables to try and guess how a particular variety will do for you. In my experience, if you can't afford HUGE bulbs that normally cost $25-$30 per pound, then starting with more reasonably sized bulbs (like the ones I sell) for a much lower price point is the way to go!

Regardless of what size bulbs you buy or grow, all garlic has to acclimate to your particular growing conditions before it will start doing well for you. One year I bought jumbo bulbs at a jumbo price, only to have them make medium sized bulbs for me until they "acclimated". Two years after that, I was getting really big bulbs, but it ended up not being worth the price I paid for the big bulbs when I could have started with medium bulbs (at about half the price) and gotten the same results in the long run.

My long term goal is to keep my prices at an affordable level so that all growers can plant garlic and try a nice variety of bulbs Also, every order has at least one extra or free bulb in it!

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