Elephant Garlic (Allium ampeloprasum var. ampeloprasum) is not a true garlic, but in the onion genus. It's classified as a leek. However, it grows like a hard neck garlic and can be used and cultivated as any other garlic.

The seeds from Elephant Garlic are found hanging from the roots of the bulbs. Each corm, if replanted, will produce a garlic round (one whole round piece of garlic). That round, if replanted, will produce a nice big bulb of garlic the following season.

Corms can be tricky to germinate. The easiest way is to plant them early and let Mother Nature break down their hard outer shell. I would estimate she will need about two months to do this, so plan the sowing correctly and try to get these in the ground about two months earlier than when you'd normally plant garlic in your one.

The other way of planting them is to first stratify the outer hard shell either by nicking it carefully with a razor blade (you don't want to cut into the inner germ) or by rubbing one small section of the shell with sandpaper until it's soft. Then soak the corms overnight or up to 24 hours. Plant just about a inch below the soil and keep the area weed free. With any luck, they will germinate and you'll be in business!

One order will include 25 corms (seeds).

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